July 6, 2005

This is good...

NEW YORK TIMES (Reuters) - Republicans in Congress have launched a new effort to speed up executions in the United States by limiting the ability of those sentenced to death to appeal to federal courts.

The ``Streamlined Procedures Act of 2005,'' introduced into the House of Representatives by California Rep. Dan Lungren and in the Senate by Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl, would limit the ability of defendants facing the death sentence to have their cases reviewed by federal courts in what are known as habeas corpus appeals.

"You see delays in death penalty cases where they are allowed to drag on for 15 or even 25 years. Defense attorneys have come to believe the longer they delay, the better it is for their clients,'' Lungren said in an interview.

"We're trying to ensure that habeas corpus is not used as a reason for interminable delays and that defendants get one bite of the apple and not multiple bites,'' he said.

Virginia Rep. Bobby Scott, the ranking Democrat on the subcommittee considering the bill, conceded there was little chance of blocking it in the House. "The House has been very supportive of anything that would strip the innocent of a fair hearing. This bill will ensure that more innocent people will be put to death,'' he said in a telephone interview.. (Thanks to Orrin).

Not to mention a whole bunch of guilty ones. The idea that 15 year's delay is a "fair hearing" is insanity. Liberal insanity. And the idea that convicted criminals should receive vast quantities of our sympathy and public money, while the poor victims should be forgotten and despised, is liberal moral sickness. As is the idea that convicted criminals should be referred to as "the innocent."

This is the same lefty sickness that fawns over Yasser Arafat and other terrorist murderers, but cares nothing for the poor Israeli children that get shredded. Or sobbed about the shacks of poor blacks in apartheid South Africa, but now says nothing when Mugabe bulldozes the houses of a million or so people. Or snivel about some cop-killer being executed, while caring nothing for those who live lives constricted by fear of crime.

When liberals talk about justice, they mean an excuse for nauseating moral preening and posturing, combined with cold-hearted indifference to the sufferings of the victims.

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