July 4, 2005


I'm feeling very low this Fourth of July afternoon. The thought that, in wartime, it should be necessary for Americans to praise this country, and to defend her against hate-filled attacks from other Americans, is just sickening. Crazy!

It's especially vile that so many attacks are coming from members and leaders of the Democrat Party. Because, you see, all the great American wars of the 20th Century were Democrat wars. And in every one of them, we Republicans supported our country with warmth and whole-heartedness. We never stood aside and sneered at "Roosevelt's war," or "Wilson's war," or "LBJ's War." They were America's wars. Ours. What a bitter pill to see how we are repaid now.

And, knowing our history, I know that in all our wars (and in every war) mistakes are made. And I happen to know that our mistakes in past wars were huge compared to anything happening now. Mistakes that cost thousands of lives in an hour. And Republicans never distanced themselves, and called them "Democrat mistakes." They were our mistakes, America's, and they were the inevitable result of the fog and haste of war.

So I'm sickened by the way lefty Democrats glom hungrily onto any mistake (real or imaginary) our forces make. And how their eyes light up and their cheeks glow when they can criticize America. And how an abu Ghraib gets 10,000 news stories, while deeds of bravery or kindness by our troops are lucky to be mentioned in some little home-town paper near the Army base.

And the moral preening, the smug condescension, as if they are in some superior sect unconnected with America. Yeccch. You lefties are moral midgets. You are for nothing, only against. You have nothing to contribute but sneers. You aren't worthy to live in this great country...

Posted by John Weidner at July 4, 2005 4:16 PM
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