July 4, 2005

"Funny how it works out that way when you let down your guard..."

Subsunk comments, at Belgravia Dispatch:

....Additionally, in 1989 the military recognized that the upcoming generation held insufficient male children to meet the usual recruiting percentages and maintain the Cold War sized military. All the Service Chiefs sent out messages to their people urging them to help out in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, parks, public forums, etc.. to ensure the military maintained a good image among the younger generation. Otherwise there wouldn't be enough kids of military age interested in maintaining even our all volunteer force at even these reduced levels. We are still in the middle of this crunch today.

No draft, no massive recruiting bonuses, --- nothing will fix this problem. We have the size military we can sustain, period. To suggest otherwise is to ignore the demographics. To fix this you needed to make lots more babies. Life would be different here now if that had happened. I don't remember when this baby bust will be over, but it won't be soon. I know. I was there. I saw the QDR reports. I had friends discussing this info. It was in the newspapers, and we were frequently talking about it. We were there. We didn't think it was smart, but we had no choice.

Again, in 1997, no one but your military was paying attention, but you couldn't get any more money to solve this in those years. Peace Dividend, you know! Now you've got the military you have today. The Reserves and Guard were intended to get called up for years if we went to war. Whataya know, it worked out that way. Too bad all our enemies are trying to gang up on us at once. Funny how it works out that way when you let down your guard....

It's utterly stupid to blame Bush for the size of our military, and imply that all was hunky-dory in the Clinton years. Your military's always going to be fine if you won't fight for anything. Terrorism wasn't a problem in the Clinton years either. Ignore problems and they don't exist.

Appeasers and Bush-haters have a double bonus these days. They get to criticize Bush, claiming we need larger forces (thought they would have opposed him bitterly if he had tried to increase military spending before 9/11) and at the same time have a great excuse for doing nothing. "We shouldn't fight anywhere, because, gasp, what if we had to fight somewhere else?" Everything that happens is an excuse for inaction.

And we should be very thankful, this 4th of July, for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who has worked tirelessly for reforms that will allow our forces to be more effective with smaller numbers.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

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