June 30, 2005

A friend writes: Sometimes

A friend writes:

Sometimes you have to wonder what planet the French ruling class is from. And this government is supposedly center-right! Here is an excerpt from today’s Financial Times concerning the new PM’s attitude toward the slap in the face his government got last month from the French electorate over the European constitution–the same slap that got his predecessor fired.

A month after becoming prime minister, Mr de Villepin suggests European governments can best respond to the crisis caused by the French and Dutch rejection of the European constitutional treaty by presenting a united front to deal with the challenges of globalisation.

"Either we give ourselves the resources to build this new political Europe
or we resign ourselves to making our continent a vast free-trade area, governed by the rules of competition. Everyone must put an end to this ambiguity through action. We need ambitious projects," he says.

God only knows what these ambitious projects might be. An economic Maginot Line perhaps.

The "rules of competition." Mon Dieu! Posted by John Weidner at June 30, 2005 11:01 PM

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