June 30, 2005

I may have to apologize...

It occurs to me that I may have been wrong. Sort of. I've been heaping scorn on the people who complained about Rove's speech, because, obviously they are hypocrites. How could it be otherwise? Since they see nothing wrong with piling contumely and abuse on Bush, and conservatives, they must be only pretending to be shocked and appalled that a Republican should dare to suggest that liberals are weak on defense.

I've been thinking it was just a big bluff...if you pretend to be shocked, lots of people will assume that something shocking has been said. And you change the subject away from the original accusation.

But looking at this Helen Thomas column, Rove Crosses Line With Attack On Liberals: Bush Adviser Comes Close To Calling Democrats 'Appeasers' I'm starting to wonder. [Thanks to Orrin]

Crosses a line? From Helen Thomas? I start to wonder if many people actually literally believe that it's wrong to criticize liberals. Even at the same moment they are calling conservatives "fascists," "Hitlers," "evil," "traitors," etc etc. (So, gentle-folk of the leftish sort, if you really believe that, I apologize for calling you frauds and phonies. You are kooky, but sincere.)

The implications for the Raindrop Theory** are huge. cosmic. I feel like Einstein starting to wonder if perhaps the speed of light is really constant, regardless of the speed of the observer....

**NOTE: The Raindrop Theory is some armchair-speculation I've been mulling, on the bizarre behavior of many people, mostly of my generation (Baby Boomers) in response to the changes that we see in the world. It's sketched in the latter half of this post. Bigger essay in preparation...

Posted by John Weidner at June 30, 2005 11:28 AM
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