June 28, 2005

I'd say this is about right....

Jayson writes, in Polipundit:

FWIW, I’d say one could make a plausible case, save for the Florida governor’s contest, that the Wisconsin gubernatorial race is more important than any other governor’s election in next year’s cycle.

For the very instant a Republican takes over the WI governor’s mansion is the very instant that twice-vetoed bill to require photo ID’s to cast ballots will become the law of that land.

And the very instant that corpses, family pets, union thugs, and liberal college students are not able to vote for Democrats there, multiple times, and in multiple precincts, is the very instant that Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes will shift to the GOP column in future presidential elections...

It's the same story you hear over and over. Republicans trying to cut down vote fraud, and Democrats resisting every inch of the way. Usually with some disgusting whines about how tougher requirements will "disenfranchise" minorities. (Democrats think minority groups are grossly inferior beings, incapable of presenting ID to vote. Probably incapable of breathing without government assistance.)

I think it should be hard to vote, not easy. It should be a privilege for those willing to take some trouble. The "crawling over broken glass" bit is hyperbole, but maybe people should have to crawl across a wet lawn, or touch a tarantula, or something. (Am I a "broken glass Republican?" You betcha. But I won't swallow any goldfish.)

Posted by John Weidner at June 28, 2005 10:05 PM
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