June 25, 2005

"no trimming on issues"

Shape of Days has posted the whole of Karl Rove's speech, the quote from which set so many Dems to whining and blubbering about how their feelings were hurt. ["How dare he say we're wimps, the big bully. Sniff, sniff. We're just sensitive! So what if we can feel how harsh rejection wounded the self-esteem of Osama bin Laden, and forced him to become a protester against American Imperialism? That doesn't give Karl Rove the right to question our patriotism!"] The speech is good reading. Here's one thing that's really worth keeping in mind:
...The 2004 election was a steep political mountain to climb, but the President scaled it — and he did so with energy, passion, decency, and an unwavering commitment to principle.

What is significant about November’s victory is not simply that the President won, but how he won. In the 2004 election, President Bush placed all his chips on the table. There was no trimming on issues, no “campaign conversion,” no backing away from Social Security and tax code reform. The President persistently made the case for an “ownership society”; championed a culture of life; defended the institution of marriage; stood with the people of Iraq in their passage to liberty; remained committed to spreading democracy in the Middle East; and continued to aggressively wage and win the war on global terrorism.

President Bush showed himself as he is. He wanted a referendum on what he has accomplished — and most importantly, on what he hopes to achieve....

Back in November 2003, I blogged about how incredible, how amazing it was that Bush was going to include Social Security reform in his campaign. And how honest. It's still one of the most thrilling things that's happened in American politics in our time. But Bush makes it look so easy, no one notices.

[Thanks to Lorie at Polipundit. And that post has a lot of quotes in the comments section, showing just how right Rove was about how liberals reacted to 9/11.]

Writing this made me think of the funny story of Rove and the protesters I blogged in 2-2004. It still makes me laugh and laugh to think of the protesters running away from Karl, and his bewilderment... Posted by John Weidner at June 25, 2005 9:58 AM

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