June 21, 2005

"criminal referral"...Yes, PLEASE

When I watch the way core Democrats are increasingly letting their choir robes slip, to reveal the pointed tails and cloven-hooved feet, I don't know whether it's appropriate to laugh or cry. A few items...

Howard Dean "condemned" the anti-semitic ugliness at that play-acting "impeachment hearing," but it's pretty clear where his sympathies are:

"Dean loved the idea of getting involved in this hearing, even though he knew where some of these guys were going to go with their public statements," says the DNC staffer. "That he is in bed with guys like Conyers and Waters and McDermott shows just how out of touch he is with where the party needs to be."

Part of the problem, too, says the DNC staffer, is that the headquarters has become a playground for fringe groups that never would have been given access under previous DNC chairmen. "You see some of the people being let in here for meetings and for coordination briefings and you have to wonder where this thing is going. There is no judgment about who the party should be associated with. If they hate Bush, can raise money, they're in. That's what happened with the Downing Street hearing. That's why we're backpedaling now."

And then there's the matter of the stealth satellite. "Now children, can anyone in the class explain why it might be good for the good guys to have a spy satellite that the bad guys can't track by radar? Hmmm? And why we might want to keep that fact secret? Whoa, looks like you are all raising your hands! If only our Democrat Senators were as smart as you."

...As a result of their revelations to the public and the press, three U.S. Senators -- Sens. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), who's also the ranking Dem on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) -- are the subject of a "criminal referral" made on Monday for speaking publicly about this satellite. Such referrals are made to the Justice Department by the administration when criminal conduct is suspected. In this case, it's not only suspected, it's evidenced on the front pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post. A highly reliable intelligence community source told me that the referral had been made because senior administration officials were beside themselves that the three had taken the controversy on funding this project to the press....

Please, God, let those slime animals be dragged in chains to Leavenworth! Alas, it won't happen. We've become too decadent and effete. They will get away with betraying their country once again. Where's my man Lafayette Baker when we need him! Lincoln knew how to deal with traitors. Read the story (and about other Dem intelligence betrayals) here. And keep in mind how Dems howled about Valerie Plame! [Thanks for these two links to the invaluable Betsy Newmark, who does the spadework for lazy guys like me.]

Earn points by being the first person to tell us who the Brevet Brigadier standing with his hand on Lafayette Baker's shoulder is...

Lafayette Baker

* Update: No takers? It's Kit Carson! Surprised me. I'm afraid I'm just being provocative, presenting you with such politically-incorrect characters as Carson, and Col. Baker. But point is, that if people actually knew, say, the history of the Civil War, then crappy-anti-war-argument #7, that Bush/Ashcroft are trampling on our civil liberties, looks totally stupid. Bush doesn't even consider doing the kind of stuff that went on in Old Capitol Prison, which became known as Baker's Bastille.

(And if you read the history of New Mexico, then the current Disney Version of injuns as beatific at-one-with-the-Great-Spirit pacifists looks equally stupid. And you might be tempted to admire the man who conquered the Navajos.)

And I should give a plug to Picture History, since I purloined their sample pic. You can buy the large version from them.

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