June 17, 2005

They deserve it!

I pilfered this little graphic from John Hawkins.
Chart of Senate dems
You need only watch the current antics of Senate Democrats, to say, "They deserve it!" Obsessing endlessly over the "rights" of captured terrorists and caring not at all that any of our guys captured by the terrorists are likely to have their heads sawed off. (Or that prisoners in their own local jails are treated much worse than prisoners at Gitmo.)

The current crop of Dems have nothing positive to offer our country, Only obstruction, only the blocking of all reform, and the preservation of perks and power for themselves. And moral preening. Seizing on any American mistake, real or imaginary, to put themselves in some position of "moral superiority," "Bush lied, so I am a superior being, because I would gladly see a million Iraqis tortured and murdered, just to keep my hands clean of any of the contamination that comes from actually trying to do something." Despicable frauds. How I loathe them.

And notice on the chart when the big drops occur. Johnson, Carter, Clinton.... To know them is to reject them.

And I predict that the trend will continue. A lot of people got into the habit of voting Dem back when there were many decent patriotic conservative Democrat leaders. Those days are gone. It takes time for people to change; they are like a giant ship that takes an hour to turn around. But every year a few hundred-thousand more Americans notice that what they are getting from their party is is trendy lefty rubbish. "Support Our Troops: Surrender to Terrorists." "The Party of Civil Rights: We Love Poor Ignorant Welfare-Dependent Minorities So Much, We Want to Keep Them That Way Forever."

Posted by John Weidner at June 17, 2005 11:40 AM
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