June 15, 2005

There was nothing wrong with the Crusades!

Tim Blair posts:

A Vermont school is changing the names of its sports teams:

Champlain Valley Union High School just graduated its last Crusaders, with the School Board set to pick a new name for the school’s teams by fall ...

Some argue that the name Crusaders is an important school tradition. Others see it as a symbol of religious oppression.

Via LGF. So, which name should replace “Crusaders”? Some suggestions:
a) Girly Punk Kids
b) Howard Deans
c) Surrenderers
d) The Whipped
e) Li’l Fiskies.......

THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE CRUSADES! Not more than any other brutal war of olden times. Christians conquered the Holy land, but before that Arabs conquered the region (and conquered it again later from the crusaders).

The idea that the Crusades were some sort of shocking anomaly is STUPID lefty nonsense designed to undermine Christian and Western Civilization. The picture being painted in the popular mind, of a normally peaceful Moslem Palestine suddenly brutalized by crazed Christian fundamentalists, is a stupid lie. The truth is, wars and battles see-sawed back and forth along the borders between Christianity and Islam from the beginning until now. The crusades were no more evil, or exceptional than, say, the Turks conquering Greece, or the Siege of Vienna.

Leftists hate our civilization, and especially Christianity, because they emphasize individual freedom and dignity, and make people resistant to being absorbed into various forms of collectivism. The crusades are smeared for the same reason that the Boy Scouts are, and businessmen are, and Christians are, and Jews are, and our Founding Fathers are, and our military is...

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