June 12, 2005

Conspiracy so dark it's become invisible...

It's a funny thing, about those recent ravings by Howard Dean and other Dems. The ones about how the Republicans are a party of "white Christians" who all look alike and don't need to work, etc. The odd thing (besides the obvious dementia) is, what happened to those sinister hook-nosed Neocons, who were supposedly running things? If they were such a big deal last year, why aren't they a big deal this year?

Of course, to us conservatives that never was an issue, because it was clear that George W Bush was running the circus, and using the neocons* for a particular job. Just as he is using religious conservatives to help implement the Faith-Based Initiatives, and using Hamiltonian types to push for free trade. That's what a President does. It was never an issue to anyone with sense. Of course when our country is attacked the administration is going to turn to those who predicted that the old policies were leading to disaster, and had spent decades thinking about and implementing better policies.

Whatever the reality, lefty kooks were until recently claiming that this was a big deal. Now it's forgotten. What brain-dead frauds they are.

*Note: The "neocon" label doesn't actually mean much these days. It's a flavor of conservatism that emphasizes a muscular yet idealistic foreign policy, and de-emphasizes religious and social issues. But it's not a movement or an ideology, except in the minds of the lunatic fringe.

Posted by John Weidner at June 12, 2005 9:56 AM
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