May 31, 2005

How far will this "sensitivity" crap go?

From Kathy Kinsley,

Beer 'Ganesh' brews storm in US: The Times of India

Washington, May 19: A California brewery’s decision to withdraw a beer named after the elephant-God Ganesh from the market has not quenched the desire of Hindu activists to seek damages for "hurting the sentiments of Hindus worldwide".

Brij Dhir, a Golden Gate University law student and attorney licensed in Mumbai, says he is going ahead with his class action lawsuit seeking $1 billion to compensate Hindus worlwide for the "emotional distress" they have suffered...

Law student at Golden Gate University. Uh huh. I kinda remember them from my book-selling days. Not exactly top-drawer. Is this some kind of student project? "For your final exam, sue somebody for a billion dollars. If you collect more than $100, a check for your professor's share may be submitted in lieu of your exam paper..."

There's something odd and ironic about this sort of foreigner coming to America to sue Americans for being insensitive. So, there's no insensitivity in India? Have you filed any lawsuits in Mumbai for insensitivity, Mr Brij Dhir? If an Indian brewery came out with Jesus Christ Beer, would you rush back to Mumbai to sue them for "hurting the sentiments of Christians worldwide"? Of course not, they'd just laugh at you... Only America is stupid enough to put up with this idiocy, due to the lefty America-haters entrenched in so many areas, including the courts. (And the same American lack-wits who want us to grovel and cringe in sensitivity to other religions would probably take a bottle of that Jesus Christ Beer and put it in a glass case in an art museum, with a little spot-light shining on it...

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