May 24, 2005

Good cop, bad cop...

This CSM article about reform in Syria is just a bit more of what I said was going to happen. By toughness in Iraq we have gained the moral capital to advance peaceful change around the globe...

...Some speculate that Lebanon's Cedar Revolution that erupted after Mr. Hariri's death could begin to inspire a Jasmine Revolution, named for the plant that blooms throughout the country, to press for democratic change in Syria. And these activists insist that US pressure on President Bashar al-Assad's regime is crucial to their success.

"A large reason that reformers are looking to the US to put pressure on [Syria] is that it gives them cover to put pressure from below," says Joshua Landis, a Damascus-based specialist on Syria.

"They can say we need radical change to protect the nation because if we don't do this,
Americans will come in with a two-by-four and try to destabilize Syria," he says... [my emphasis]

Of course the cop trick would work better if the bad cop seemed even more dangerous. Bush should be chewing the carpet at strategic moments, and raving and threatening to annihilate our enemies, and sow their land with salt. But he can't, it's politically impossible. Too many Americans are just too STUPID to get it*. And a lot of others are so MORALLY BANKRUPT that they would gladly flush the Syrians down the toilet if it would hurt Bush and the Republicans.

(Thanks to Orrin Judd)

*Especially women. There are so many women who seem to think the way to seek peace is to be weak and have good intentions, that I sometimes wonder if it was a mistake to give women the vote. (On the other hand, a bellicose woman is a thing of beauty.)

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