May 22, 2005

"to keep from seeing its own reflection in the mirror"

There's a great piece in our own SF Chronicle, Leaving the Left, by Keith Thompson. (Thanks to PowerLine)

....My estrangement hasn't happened overnight. Out of the corner of my eye I watched what was coming for more than three decades, yet refused to truly see. Now it's all too obvious. Leading voices in America's "peace" movement are actually cheering against self-determination for a long-suffering Third World country because they hate George W. Bush more than they love freedom.

Like many others who came of age politically in the 1960s, I became adept at not taking the measure of the left's mounting incoherence. To face it directly posed the danger that I would have to describe it accurately, first to myself and then to others. That could only give aid and comfort to Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and all the other Usual Suspects the left so regularly employs to keep from seeing its own reflection in the mirror.

Now, I find myself in a swirling metamorphosis. Think Kafka, without the bug. Think Kuhnian paradigm shift, without the buzz. Every anomaly that didn't fit my perceptual set is suddenly back, all the more glaring for so long ignored. The insistent inner voice I learned to suppress now has my rapt attention. "Something strange -- something approaching pathological -- something entirely of its own making -- has the left in its grip," the voice whispers. "How did this happen?" The Iraqi election is my tipping point.....

It's just fascinating to me to watch people of my generation encounter the simple truth that the world has changed from what they grew up with, and either change their thinking, or.......freak (as we used to say).

I can't claim for myself any superior flexibility or wisdom, since I spent the last third of the 20th Century wishing things would change, and thinking wistfully that there wasn't much hope of getting out of the mud we were in. So of course it's easy for me to adjust. My own reaction to the changes happening now is, "Duh. It's about time..."

Posted by John Weidner at May 22, 2005 9:35 AM
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