May 18, 2005

a minor clarification...

In my recent post 9 lines someone commented that the Marines were insensitive to use the call sign "trinity" in a Moslem country. Another commenter just added:

Actually, the call sign "Trinity" has nothing to do with Christianity. The proper unit name for that particular Marine unit is the 3/3....usually something along the lines of the third company of the third brigade so for short they say "Trinity" over communication lines. It saves time, keeps the commo lines open and makes it harder to be tracked by using your comm signal. No offense was meant by any means to the host nation.

I think the whole "sensitivity" business is pretty bogus, but still I'm glad to hear that our guys are doing the right thing, and not following my style: "in Operation 'Jesus Saves,' Crusader Company will leave Fort Calatrava, advance to objective Blessed Virgin, and destroy all Saracens. The password is 'Santiago,' and the response is 'Lepanto.'

Posted by John Weidner at May 18, 2005 8:57 AM
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