April 20, 2005

then heads for Burning Tree...

I'm no fan of Pat Buchanan, but this is right on

...Eighteen news organizations have not assigned reporters to the "DeLay story" because they are morally offended by the idea his family worked on his campaign or he has gone on trips paid for by nonprofits. If every member of Congress who ever traveled abroad on someone else's credit card were to be driven from office, you could not get a quorum in either House. You might have trouble putting together a softball team.

No, the Left is after DeLay because -- on tax cuts, right-to-life and reigning in renegade jurists -- he is relentless. He is not an old-school Republican who votes right, then heads for the first tee at Burning Tree. And when it comes to raising cash from lobbyists and fat cats for the GOP to wage war against the Democratic Party, few have it down to a science like "the Hammer." Like Gen. Grant, the Hammer has a reputation for inflicting heavy causalities, which is why the left wants him gone.

But why is the right letting him twist in the wind?...

Good question.

Posted by John Weidner at April 20, 2005 7:15 AM
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