April 18, 2005

UN game. Oh for joy....

UN Game Teaches Kids to Feed the Hungry
Peter Cohen, MacCentral.com

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) has released a game called
Food Force. Available for download for free, the game is compatible with Macs and PCs. The WFP's goal in releasing Food Force is to educate players about world hunger and the work the aid agency does....

The mind reels with the possibilities. I haven't played the game, but I can imagine it. Game points are charmingly called "dollars." Accumulate enough points in your "Swissaccount," and you can move ahead in this exciting game. Win the shiniest Toyota Landcruiser. Move to the penthouse of the only five-star hotel. Work on your tan. Give press conferences explaining how you caused those aircraft carriers to appear and deliver supplies. Pursue the all-important game tasks of "coordinating" and "planning" international "efforts."

Of course, since this is a children's game, certain important UN activities, like giving starving children food in exchange for sex, will have to be expressed with euphemisms. In the game it's called "making new little friends." Give them food tokens and they will reward you by singing "It's A Small Small World."

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