April 14, 2005

Giving the game away...

in OpinionJournal's Best of the Web yesterday, on the Bolton hearings:

...TheWashington Post's Dana Milbank gives the game away, though:
Most Republicans skipped the hearing, leaving Democrats largely unchallenged as they assailed Bolton's knack for making enemies and disparaging the very organization he would serve.
That would be the U.N.--but of course the
American ambassador to the U.N. is supposed to serve America, not the U.N. ...

"The game" has been obvious all along. The UN is sacred, and criticizing it is verboten. Polite people make no mention of the rampant sexual exploitation of children, the corruption, with tens-of-billions embezzled, the anti-semitism, the coddling of dictators and inability to fight genocide and other crimes against humanity....But hey, that's nothing, because the UN serves a noble purpose...it hinders the Imperialist designs of the United States, and so every good Democrat should support it....Slimeballs.

Read more here about what a cruel sham the hearings are.

Posted by John Weidner at April 14, 2005 12:07 PM
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