April 10, 2005

The quicksands of instability threaten us...

Al-Jazeera: The United States must reassure Syria and Iran about its intentions rather than trying to destabilize them, a former U.S. Democratic presidential candidate said. The U.S. retired general Wesley Clark said that President George W. Bush's policy towards Syria and Iran encourage the two states to work against the U.S. interests in Iraq, and endangers the U.S. forces based there.

Our forces are in danger! You probably thought this was peacetime, but ol' General Wesley is gonna set you straight--we are in danger of slipping into WAR!

"If you want to succeed in Iraq, you should isolate the battlefield. That's a basic rule of military strategy," Clark told the U.S. House of Representatives Armed Services Committee.

The poor twerp hasn't even guessed that the battlefield might be bigger than Iraq, and that we might WANT to tangle with Iran and Syria, and even see them "destabilized." Don't tell him, he'll die of fear...

The former general ran unsuccessfully for president last year and has taken a leading role among Democrats as a critic of the U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

Funny thing how many Democrats do that. Job of the Loyal Opposition, and all, I guess. They are lucky this isn't wartime--If it was, their duty would be to SUPPORT US foreign policy, just as Republicans did in those few trifling conflicts that Democrats have led us in (Little affairs like WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam.)

Clark also said that he fears the Bush administration's rhetoric would lead to the collapse of Syria's regime, saying that the U.S. is not prepared to handle that possibility.

Well of course we are not prepared. Our shattered troops are in retreat, our economy is the worst since Herbert Hoover, and we don't have the French to mentor us.

"We're going to destabilize at a greater rate than we can stabilize," he said. "I think this committee should be holding hearings right now on what the United States should do if Syria collapses, because that's clearly the policy."

Quick, send General Wesley as a Special Envoy, to prop up Assad with money and weapons...Why, if Syria collapes, it might turn to supporting terrorism...

Former Pentagon adviser Richard Perle rejected the idea of reassuring Iran and Syria, claiming that the two states fear U.S. success in Iraq because it threatens their governments. "That's the last thing we should be doing," he said. "We will get no help from countries whose interests are diametrically opposed to our own."

Foolish Richard Perle. Doesn't he understand, they want to help us, but we have to REASSURE THEM.

Bush claims that Iran is covertly developing an atomic weapons program, and has pressured Syria to withdraw its forces from Lebanon.

Oh no. Don't let Syria do that...then Lebanon will be destabilized too! This is terrifying....

(Thanks to Byron Preston.)

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