March 31, 2005

"sell gadgets and vote Republican.....sell vapor and vote Democrat."

Rich Karlgaard has an interesting piece in OpinionJournal about the politics of Silicon Valley, a subject I've always found perplexing...

[...] 6. In Washington, Republicans are the daddy party and Democrats are the mommy party. But out here, Republicans are the hardware party and Democrats are the software party. Intel's Mr. Barrett and Cisco's John Chambers sell gadgets and vote Republican. Google's Eric Schmidt and Oracle's Larry Ellison sell vapor and vote Democrat.

7. Republicans like to say the Valley was built on Moore's Law and risk capital. Democrats say the Valley was built on dreams and rebellion.

8. Valley Democrats and Republicans agree on: free trade, China optimism, the need to lift Congressional quotas on skills-based immigration, hatred of Sarbanes-Oxley and trial lawyers, the woeful state of K-12 education, the need for more federal science funding, the "they don't get it" obtuseness of telephone companies, cable companies and Hollywood studios, and the predictable failure of outsider CEOs such as John Sculley at Apple and Carly Fiorina at H-P.

9. They disagree on: the Iraq war, cultural values, the intelligence (i.e., math SAT scores) of George W. Bush, whether abolishing estate taxes will help small business or wreck meritocracy, and how to fix the K-12 system.

10. Silicon Valley has no clout in Washington.
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