March 25, 2005

Defense against bigots...

Brian Tiemann has posted a ringing defense of Charles Johnson's LGF (Little Green Footballls) against the slurs of Leftists.

...It's come to this, then: compiling documentation of real, actual outrages, with photos and direct quotes from quite mainstream sources, and pointing at them with a glowering expression—why, that's racism! And never mind the things he's actually pointing at; those are just "the way things are", or "our fault", or (as one self-described gay person explains why he doesn't care that Charles is, from the Islamists' perspective, on his side):
Regarding Islam. I'm an American who does not plan to travel overseas to flaunt my sexuality, so I could give two shits what Islamic countries are doing. I do know, however, that there is an American Taliban that wishes it could do the same to gays here. I'll fight my battles at home first.
Here, in a quite compact space, we've got the purest distillation of the grotesque contortions that concepts like "racism" and "bigotry" and "human rights" have undergone in recent years. Charles, who—though a casual familiarity with his history and motivations makes obvious that it's not even remotely necessary—is careful to never even accidentally make any public statement that could be construed as "racist" (much as these guys try to demonstrate that his sarcasm toward dissembling Islamists amounts to such), and who runs perhaps the only site dedicated to applying the most rigorous standards of volunteer journalism to the cause of staring with a cold and unblinking eye at the threat that made itself plain to us on 9/11/01, is the Left's pariah. He's no better than the neo-Nazi site that Google News has voluntarily listed, in their eyes. Never mind the incalculable service he's done these past years, shining a light on matters that the evening news prefers to keep hushed-up; his daring to do it in the first place makes him the target of death threats, slander, and—perhaps most galling of all in the world of blogdom, where reputation is one's most prized asset—a name one can hardly even speak in mixed company...

I wouldn't mention LGF in company of some bloggers I know...that it's racist and disgusting is just something that's "already known," that needs no evidence. Similarly I wouldn't mention listening to Rush Limbaugh in polite SF company. People "know" what a fascist he is without having to bother actually listening to him. Bigots. [I should add that if you are actually making a case against,say, Rush, or Johnson, or whoever, using facts and logic, that's not bigotry.]

Posted by John Weidner at March 25, 2005 7:51 AM
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