March 22, 2005

ahh, the UN...

Lance Frizzell quotes from this:

''What we call for is to bring the troops home,'' said Matt Leber, coordinator of Nashville Peace & Justice Center, ''and the United Nations takes the lead. So the United States would not be the primary decision maker but primarily fund the rebuilding of Iraq.''

Uh huh. We pay, and the UN makes the decisions. Heard that one before, haven't we? And it's analogous to a certain domestic version, where ordinary Americans are supposed to cough up the taxes, but lefty elites and judges should decide how they are spent.

And one wonders if the fact that we tried hard to involve the UN in Iraq, and they refused because they have no stomach for the danger even penetrated the brains of these idiots? And how about the MANY scandals of UN personnel exploiting children for sex? Have they blocked that out of their consciousness, or do they consider those individuals expendable for the greater cause?

Posted by John Weidner at March 22, 2005 11:13 AM
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