March 17, 2005

"visible for all to see"

Ace writes about the message conveyed by those thin ribbons of cloud you sometimes see crossing the sky...

...See, it’s easy when you sit here on the sidelines thinking “why yes! Let’s have a protest!”. It’s a bit more difficult when your neighborhood is run by an organization that would make Al Capone and Frank Nitti wince in shame. Make no mistake about it; Hezbollah and the Syrian occupying army are ruthless murdering thugs and yet, the men and women of Lebanon are walking right up to them and saying “Time to go home, Assad!”.

So, what is it that’s letting the people of Beirut feel free to oppose their oppressors? And just exactly how do you face down a Broke-nose Hezbollah ‘ward heeler’ while you sip coffee in the corner café? My guess is that they just look up at the contrails of the jets and they get the message. The message is clear and the president delivered the message when he said
“Stand for freedom and we will stand with you!”.

Somewhere over Lebanon tonight is an unmanned UAV quietly snapping pictures in the cold high atmosphere of the Bekaa valley, leaving its signature behind in the form of thin white vapor contrails, visible for all to see. Sitting far below in gun emplacements are Syrian soldiers looking up at the contrails as they unfold across the sky. The soldiers as well as the Lebanese civilians are getting the message long before their leaders get the message. The message will be delivered to their leaders in the form of a folder containing pictures of the very same gun emplacements taken by the UAV. It is my guess that someday soon, very soon, Ambassador Bolton will deliver the folder to President Assad. Ambassador Bolton will smile in retort in the way that the Afghan Chieftain did to the talibani commander just a few years ago. His statement to Assad is essentially the same, lay down your weapons and stop fighting, or you will surely die...

My only fear is that we won't stand with people that we have encouraged to rebel against tyranny. If things get tough we have to be there, whatever the cost. But I have a lot of faith in the President and his team. We have stood with the people of Iraq as we promised, though the opposition of appeasers and leftists was vicious and unrelenting and utterly unscrupulous.

Because we have kept faith with Iraq, the likelihood of needing further military intervention has been greatly reduced. But if it's needed I pray America doesn't fail the test.

Posted by John Weidner at March 17, 2005 8:16 PM
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