March 16, 2005

Looks promising...

I've heard several bloggers mention the two Dartmouth alumni who are running for Dartmouth's governing board as "outsiders." University boards are usually filled by members of "the club," who are backed by the administration. But the power of the Internet now makes it possible for other people to seek votes.

Here's an except from Peter Robinson's Email, which I found at Hugh Hewitt's blog:

....The administration often suggests that we alumni must not presume to know what is best for Dartmouth. Since many of us graduated, we are told, the world has changed dramatically. It has indeed.

· In nations around the globe, we have witnessed the change from central, authoritarian control to democracy.

· In business, we have witnessed the change from pyramid-shaped enterprises to enterprises with organization charts that are nearly flat.

· In communications, we have witnessed the change from a tight control of information by elites, intent upon enhancing their power, to the free and utterly effortless exchange of ideas that new information technologies have made possible.

· In government at all levels, we have witnessed the change from an arrogant belief in social engineering to a renewed appreciation of the enduring values of our civilization, including freedom of speech and respect for the views of each individual...

Precisely. Read the whole thing. All those changes have not, as you well know, impacted the entrenched and corrupt faculties and administrations of our universities. Not yet. Especially not the return to the "enduring values of our civilization." But maybe things are changing...

Posted by John Weidner at March 16, 2005 3:28 PM
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