March 14, 2005

One of America’s greatest...

I was saddened to learn that John Barron has died. From NRO:

...One of the Digest’s most important contributions to the cause of anti-Communism came in the form of articles and books by John Barron, who passed away on February 24 at the age of 75. On the day Barron died, most of the mainstream media was too busy genuflecting before the altar of Hunter S. Thompson, perhaps the most overrated journalist of his generation, to notice the departure of Barron. There was a short obituary in the Washington Times and — last week, finally — a slightly longer one in the Washington Post.

A man who was one of America’s greatest and most patriotic reporters deserves better...

Boy, that's for sure. John Barron spent a lifetime writing about the monstrous evils of Communism and the the brave men and women who served on Freedom's Wall. Trendy lefty intellectuals disdain him, and have ignored his death, but unlike them, EVERY GODDAM THING HE WROTE WAS TRUE!

One of my favorite books is MIG Pilot, his biography of Victor Belenko, the Russian pilot who flew his MIG 23 to Japan. An utterly fascinating tale of real life in the Soviet Union, and of a bright and talented boy growing up poor and hungry.

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