March 13, 2005

Hit by lightning with winning lottery ticket in hand...

I find it astonishing that there are still people who can't see that the Rather documents are obvious fabrications. If you mess around with graphics at all, if you have ever tried to make fonts or type or pictures assume the shapes you have in your imagination, you will know in your bones that it is impossible to write the same words in two different typewriters, or two different programs or OS's, and have them come out looking just the same. The odds are better of being hit by lightening as you are reading the winning number on your lottery ticket...

Yet here we go again:

...Moreover, if lawyers know how to hire appropriate experts even if journalists don't, why didn't the panel, which was backed by a huge law firm, hire its own experts to determine the authenticity of the documents? One suspects that if the panel had done so, it would have ended up with some experts saying the documents were reliable, others not sure. And that would have put the panel back where CBS was...

I guess it's because I'm part of the Macintosh world, where graphics is just the sea we swim in, but such ignorance is flabbergasting. High School students have re-created the fabrications in graphics arts classes! The quote is from a piece in the NY Review of Books which is trying to revive the maybe-not-fake-but-wishfully-accurate school of Dan Rather analysis. But it's just goofy. It also goes on about whether the signatures are authentic. But these are copies, so there is no way of knowing if an authentic signature was cut-and-pasted into a fake document. NO WAY AT ALL. It's an insult to our intelligence to suggest such a thing.

Here' once again is the Animated GIF thanks to Jeremy Chrysler:

animated GIF of forged TANG documents
Try making ANY two documents created in different programs line up like that. You can't do it!

I won't even try to discuss the other "evidence" in the article that Rather was really on to the truth...We've shoveled out that stable too many times already.

WORD NOTE: I think "fabrication" fits better than "forgery," since the thing was made up out of whole cloth. This isn't similar to things Col. Killian actually wrote.

And yes, I'm aware that the author of the review may "get it," but just be lying. However the air of blockheaded smugness strongly suggests someone who just knows they have the truth, and is impervious to any contrary evidence.

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