March 13, 2005

Just a typical ho-hum congressional district...

OpinionJournal has an article on Gov. Schwarzenegger's campaign to abolish gerrymandering in California. This may be good news for the whole country--California tends to lead national opinion.

This may help too:

....It is also a good portent that the gerrymander scandal is being noticed at long last by liberal media elites, who ignored it as long as it helped to preserve Democratic majorities in Congress. But now that Tom DeLay has become the House incumbent-in-chief, the New Yorker, the Sacramento Bee, the Los Angeles Times and other liberal editorialists are finally catching on to the fact that the gerrymander is a double-edged sword. This latest switcheroo reminds us of their decision to oppose the late and unlamented Independent Counsel statute only after it was used against Bill Clinton. Partisan motives notwithstanding, welcome aboard...

Gerrymandering in District 23, California
Remember the sudden howls of agony when Texas redistricted in 2002? A hundred years of Democrat redistricting was OK, but Republicans? (Just for the record, the charge that Texas Republicans were unfairly taking an extra redistricting outside the traditional 10-year census cycle were false. The 2000 redistricting was aborted by a court, which returned things to close to the 1990 plan. And the Texas legislature only meets every 2 years, so problems from 2000 can only be corrected in 2002.)

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