March 10, 2005

If it's undisputed I guess there's nothing I can say...

We've all seen those arguments about how liberals are bright-eyed optimists leading humanity to the perfect future, and conservatives want women to wear burkas, etc.

If you are planning to write one, let me give you a tip. It has to be done with a light and clever touch (Here's an example. Wrong, but it sounds plausible), because if you lay it on too thick, and aren't really up on your history, you sound like an utter fool:

....One of the undisputed lessons of history is that the liberal class has been on the leading edge of every major step in social evolution.

The other undisputed lesson is that those who consider themselves conservatives have opposed every major step because change makes them anxious. But they ultimately lose.

Having lost all the major battles, they continue to fight marginalized skirmishes such as requiring public school teachers to lead Christian prayers, teaching the pagan story of creation as science, supporting theocracies, racism, sexism and a host of other barbarisms.

Before the ink on the Constitution was dry, they mounted a campaign to "put God" in it because the atheists and secular humanists who wrote it forgot to do so. Two hundred years later, they are still fighting the same battle despite the lessons from history showing that government and religion is a lethal mix.

Conservatives lost the battle to make America a theocracy like those found in Europe and the Middle East. They lost the battle to keep Africans in bondage, but have still not given up on white supremacy and run Christian academies throughout the South to avoid integrated public schools....

Hilarious. I wonder if Karl wrote it for a jape...

(Thanks to Jonah Goldberg)

Posted by John Weidner at March 10, 2005 10:24 PM
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