February 21, 2005


Tom Bowler points out that the Gasping Media thought the law against outing CIA agents was just ducky when it looked like it might hurt someone in the White House. Treason! We need a Special Prosecutor!

Now that the Special Prosecutor is going after reporters, we're told that it's a nasty stupid law that should never have been passed. Phooey.

Even if you believe reporters should be allowed to protect sources so they will feel free to tell the reporters about crimes and wrongdoings in government , in this case the only crime was the act of taking to reporters. (Putative crime. It isn't looking now like the law was really broken.)

The press wrap themselves in the popular image of hard-digging investigative reporters going after the corrupt "interests." But real investigative reporting is rare, and for every instance there are a thousand where a "high government official" uses a reporter to stick a knife in somebody...Most of the "leaks" from government are from various factions trying to embarrass or hinder other factions. Reporters are happy to pass on the dirt and get a story, but there is nothing noble or admirable about it.

Posted by John Weidner at February 21, 2005 5:24 PM
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