February 20, 2005

time and again in Iran...

By CBS News Correspondent Elizabeth Palmer:

"Do you think President Bush will invade our country?" the young Iranian student asked hopefully, peering up from his keyboard in the darkness of a Teheran Internet cafe. "You know it is our great hope. America is the only country strong enough to free us from the mullahs."

I was asked the same question – often wistfully, always seriously – time and again in Iran, even as America’s military nightmare unfolded in neighboring Iraq.

This is not a real invitation to U.S. troops. A military invasion of Iran would meet fierce resistance, even from the young. But it is a measure of the anger and helplessness that consumes Iranian youth...

This is a case where, as Orrin pointed out, "If your own reporting conflicts with what you wish to believe, stick to your ideology, eh?" There is no evidence presented in the article that young Iranians would fiercely resist an American invasion. That's just simply an article of faith.

And oddly, it seems to be a widespread bit of dogma even among those who support our campaign in Iraq. I've several times had it happen that I mention the military feasibility of invading Iran to generally hawkish people, and am answered with instant scornful dismissal, as if even mentioning the possibility violated some taboo. As if it isn't even open to question that the Iranians would immediately rally to their government if we attacked.

Well, the hell with that. Nobody ever presents any evidence to support that view, so as far as I'm concerned, it's bullshit until proven otherwise.

We could invade Iran right now, but my suggestion is we wait until 2006. The Iranian people are aware of the elections in Iraq, but give them another year for it all to sink in. Since hundreds-of-thousands of Iranians visit Iraq for pilgrimages (and shopping and business) every year now, they will see clearly that we are disengaging from Iraq as quickly as we can, and are trying hard to establish democracy there. They will welcome a dose of the same medicine in their own country.

Perhaps I should add that to my list of reasons to invade Iraq, (or invade somewhere.) We should invade because that's the only way to show that we don't want to be occupiers, or to steal anything. Of course anyone who knows America, or American history, already knows we don't want to be proconsuls of distant shabby countries, and will hurry home as soon as possible. But actually a lot of Americans seem to have skipped school the day that chapter was covered.

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