February 14, 2005

Born too early!

Charlene and I used to enjoy backpacking very much. She just noticed this item, which is pricey, but could eliminate some of the discomforts of life on the trail:

Nunatak's Raku Alpine Bag...In designing the Raku, Nunatak added sleeves and a drawstring-closure ankle hem to a standard mummy sleeping bag. To get in, loosen the drawcord at the bottom and slide the bag over your head; or enter via the main zipper, which runs down your sternum like in a jacket.

The extra-long sleeves keep your arms mobile but always insulated, and the bottom opening enables anyone to be a sleep walker. The benefits are numerous. No more cramped, cross-armed sleeping like the guest of honor at an open-casket funeral. No more twisting up in your sleeping bag every time you roll over. No more freezing your hands and arms when you want to read. No more enduring an uncomfortably full bladder while working up the nerve to answer nature's call on a chilly night...

Posted by John Weidner at February 14, 2005 6:54 PM
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