February 13, 2005

Victory over CNN...

I just read in Stryker Brigade News about medals being given to soldiers who fought a ferocious action to rescue a downed helicopter and crew last September. I mention this because I'm fairly confident that the lefty slimeballs of the Gasping Media won't consider honoring American forces to be "news." (Except for local papers near Army bases)

The other media aspect of this, if you read the story, is that the crew of the downed Kiowa helicopter were rescued right away. And the helicopter itself was a wreck. But our troops and the "insurgents" fought a long bloody battle to hold on to a helicopter that wasn't going to fly again! Let us ask ourselves why.

WHY? Because the terrorists wanted to provide video footage to their allies in the world's newsrooms showing them dancing on an American helicopter, that's why. A battle was fought so that animals like Dan Rather and Peter Jennings and Al Jazeera and the BBC could strike a blow against America. American soldiers went into combat to prevent the scum of the media/Democrat party from portraying the Iraq Campaign as a Vietnam-style "quagmire" to try to help the Kerry campaign, and the general cause of appeasement.

You can read the whole story here, from Army Times. It will make you very proud. Or click below for a sample...

...By 9:30 a.m., B Company had consolidated near the crash site, but heavy enemy fire was preventing 3rd Platoon from securing the four buildings that formed an L-shaped high ground around the crash site.

A UAV flying overhead was monitoring a buildup of about 20 more insurgents linking up with several cars. They were taking RPGs and machine guns out of the trunks and moving east — straight into the alleyways that led to the Scout Platoon, Reed recalled.

Reed received word that two F-16s had come on station to provide close-air support, and the Sunday punch he needed now came in the form of a 2,000-pound Joint Direct Attack Munition.

The target was a burning wall at an intersection hit by RPG rounds earlier. The smoking structure was about 300 meters west of the 5-20 scouts and 300 meters due north of B Company.

The challenge was to drop the JDAM close to the enemy without harming friendly forces.

“Dropping a 2,000 pound bomb in the middle of a city close to maneuvering troops can get hairy,” said Reed, who was able to give his units a three-minute warning.

When Mason learned of the incoming JDAM, he saw his opening. “I said ‘OK, as soon as that bomb hits, I’m going to flank around and take those buildings.’”

Soon after, the JDAMs smashed into the battle zone with shocking force. The explosion drove a huge plume of smoke into the air.

“We moved under the concussion,” Mason said. “When that JDAM hit, they didn’t know what was going on.”

The blast stunned the enemy and B Company soldiers exploited the moment, rapidly dismounting and charging to clear buildings and secure an overwatch position.

It was now 9:57 a.m....

Those crazy guys eventually sawed off the rotors of the Kiowa and winched it onto a HEMTT truck and drove it home...all the while under morter fire.

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