February 7, 2005

"My name is James Watt."

What bliss to have the Internet at our command!! I've spent most of my life hearing lies and distortions about my party, and especially about Reagan and his administration, and having no way to rebut. (And here in California especially, you hear the damnedest things said about Reagan. Crazy stuff.) But the world has changed. This is by John Hinderaker (Hindrocket) at PowerLine, from a powerful counterblaste he has written to recent lying smears by Bill Moyers:

...I did some quick Google searches without finding anything noteworthy; in particular, I couldn't find Mr. Watt's Congressional testimony online. I put the matter aside, not having time to pursue it further.

Friday morning, I was sitting in my office when my telephone rang. On the phone was a soft-spoken man who said, "I'm calling for Mr. John Hinderaker."

"Speaking," I responded, in the brusque tone I use when fielding cold calls.

The man said, "My name is James Watt."

Mr. Watt is retired now, and has been out of public life for many years. He is a kindly gentleman who, with the aid of his grandson, enjoys surfing the web and keeping up on the news of the day. And he is understandably unhappy about being casually defamed by Bill Moyers...

James Watt has come in for an extra helping of defamation by lying leftist filth, for he combined the sins of being a conservative Reaganista with the even greater one of being an open Christian.

And if you haven't heard, here's a summary of what Moyers is saying:

...Like pretty much everything Moyers writes, the article was an attack on the Bush administration. Specifically, he alleged that the Bush administration's policies, as they relate to the environment, are "based on theology" and therefore "delusional." Moyers' theme was that the Bush administration, and Republicans in general, don't care about the environment because they are crackpot Christians who believe that the world is about to come to an end. That being the case, why worry about future generations?...

But do read the whole thing! Free your mind of cant. (Because the world is coming to an end any day now, and you will be left behind if you are thinking bad thoughts!)

* Update: Powerline reports that Moyers has apologized handsomely for retailing an urban legend about Mr Watt. Excellent. Posted by John Weidner at February 7, 2005 9:48 AM
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