February 5, 2005

slime-worms of manhattan...

Jason writes:

SFC Paul Smith has been posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for heroism during the battle for Saddam Hussein Airport.

It got good coverage around Ft. Stewart and Savannah, home of the 3rd Infantry Division, good coverage in Florida, SFC's home state, and good coverage in Australia.

You can read about it on
any of these links.

But you can't read about it in the New York Times.

Shades of
Brian Chontosh.

More on the phenomenon here: "
Why Aren't Reporters Interested in the Valor of our Marines?"

What is it with the New York Times? How out of touch are these people?

Was Smith's story just not "fit to print?" ....

Not fit--if you are the sort of urban lefty trendoid sophisticate who works for the NYT. Bastards. I can just see their lips curling in disdain for the sort of red-state bumpkins who join the military. I don't wish terrorist attacks on anyone, but if it just happened to happen to certain "journalists" who disdained to report a Medal of Honor winner, and if it just happened that their last words, as their heads were sawed off (in time to make the news cycle) just happened to be wish for the US Army to arrive..............I would laugh!

(The sentence above: "you can't read about it in the New York Times" is a link to a search of the Times website. So we can check again easily and see if anything shows up.)

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