February 1, 2005

Maybe there's hope for this guy...

Mark Brown in the Chicago Sun Times has a column that, to his credit asks: What if Bush has been right about Iraq all along? Hold that thought Mark. Good, but I do have a few comments to interject...

[Brown writes]...On the other side of that barrier is a concept some of us have had a hard time swallowing:

Maybe the United States really can establish a peaceable democratic government in Iraq, and if so, that would be worth something.

Would it be worth all the money we've spent? Certainly.

Would it be worth all the lives that have been lost? That's the more difficult question, and while I reserve judgment on that score until such a day arrives, it seems probable that history would answer yes to that as well.
It's ALREADY worth it! We've already changed the thinking of the whole region, and changed the way the world looks at it. The fearsome "Arab Street" is starting to look like people with blue fingers. And there's also the little matters of the tens-of-thousands Saddam would have tortured and butchered if we hadn't stepped in. And the malnourished Iraqi children--remember them? And all those Jihadis we are fighting in Iraq--they would have been doing who-knows-what if we hadn't invaded...

I don't want to get carried away in the moment.
So if the news were bad would you be trying not to get carried away? Hmmm?
Going to war still sent so many terrible messages to the world.
That free people believe in their way of life enough to fight for it? Yeah that's a terrible message. 50 million people liberated from hideous tyrannies? Another terrible message--if you are a fascist pretending to be a "progressive." Whereas appeasers helping a monster like Saddam didn't send any. messages. at. all. Nooooo...
Most of the obstacles to success in Iraq are all still there, the ones that have always led me to believe that we would eventually be forced to leave the country with our tail tucked between our legs. (I've maintained from the start that if you were impressed by the demonstrations in the streets of Baghdad when we arrived, wait until you see how they celebrate our departure, no matter the circumstances.)
The demonstrations were in fact small and NOT impressive, except through the eyes of wishful thinking. And some of the demos were anti-terrorist. Bet those didn't get much play in the Sun Times.
...In and of itself, the voting did nothing to end the violence. The forces trying to regain the power they have lost -- and the outside elements supporting them -- will be no less determined to disrupt our efforts and to drive us out.
I see. Our opponents are fusion-powered robots who never feel discouragement when they've been defeated. In fact that's been the lefty line ever since 9/11. We musn't fight, because attacking the terrorists "will only create more of them." "Kill a terrorist and his five brothers will immediately become death-commandos." Crap.

How come you guys never wonder if killing an Iraqi or Afghan
election-worker might cause HIS five brothers to become "no less determined" to fight for democracy? In fact that happens a lot, but you ignore those stories.
...Somebody still has to find a way to bring the Sunnis into the political process before the next round of elections at year's end.
There will be LOTS of Sunnis in the new government, because there are lots of Sunnis on the candidate lists. I'm guessing this won't be noticed by the Gasping Media, who only notice pressure groups and not individuals. For instance it doesn't matter how many black people Bush consults (or puts in his cabinet.) If he's not talking to the NAACP, then he is "snubbing blacks."
...The Iraqi government still must develop the capacity to protect its people.
Duh. And is your paper going to HELP by starting to report the successes as well as the failures in this process? I won't hold my breath.
...And there seems every possibility that this could yet end in civil war the day we leave or with Iraq becoming an Islamic state every bit as hostile to our national interests as was Saddam.
NO, your statement is simply wrong. There is LITTLE possibility of those things. How do I know? The same way I knew the election was likely to be a success. There is a lot of information available that is not reported in your crummy paper. For instance there are opinion polls taken in Iraq. I bet they didn't get any headlines in the Sun Times, or you would be aware that Iraqis are overwhelmingly moderate, and are eager for neither a civil war nor an Islamic state. I knew that in late 2003, from the results of Iraqi local elections (which also didn't get headlines). I knew, YOU missed the news-story.

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