January 29, 2005

good question...

A reader writes:

Shouldn't both the MSM and the blogosphere be burning up with discussions of how these three captured aides should be interrogated? This is perfect case in point for the "humane treatment" types to explain exactly how they would do it when they have the masterminds of everything from beheadings to placement of roadside bombs are sitting right in front of them. I haven't heard a peep.

Now that's a good question. I didn't even ask myself that. Maybe people are assuming the matter will be "taken care of" and don't want to bring it up, either because they approve, or because they don't approve but don't want a debate at this moment, which resembles those "ticking bomb" scenarios rather closely.

And probably the Gasping Media don't want to call attention to anything that looks like a victory for us. Or call attention to the awkward fact that a few terrorist monsters are attacking us, not a popular uprising "caused" by American blunders.

Anyway, most of the people who get into a shriek on the subject of torture are phonies. They only care about it when it can be used to hurt the Bush Administration. Their compassion is an utter lie.

Posted by John Weidner at January 29, 2005 8:14 AM
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