January 28, 2005

How sweet it is...

What fun it is to be alive these days! According to this article, the billboard below and a similar one is going to be plastered around Hollywood next week! (I'd love a picture of one of the real signs if anybody spots one.)

Billboard thanking Hollywood for Bush election

Sweet. Sweet sweet sweet.

Is there any excrescence more loathsome than a Hollywood Lefty? Self-righteous pomposos pretending to protect the little people from greedy Capitalists? Campaigning to take guns away from ordinary people while they themselves are protected by armed guards? Stridently lecturing Democrat politicians who have to suck-up to them in hopes of contributions?

Somebody (Jonah?) once said that the best thing about attending Republican functions is that you don't meet any celebrities! Amen brother. Say it again.

Perhaps I'll go buy a lottery ticket. If we win, Charlene and I can give SF and Berkeley and Silicon Valley the same treatment...(Thanks to Betsy N)

Posted by John Weidner at January 28, 2005 6:13 PM
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