January 20, 2005

Just breaking this morning...

From WorldNetDaily. Guess who was pals with Samir Vincent? Jimmy Carter!

...Based upon an investigation by Move America Forward, it appears President Carter and his associates are among the former officials with whom Vincent collaborated.

"One of two things happened," suggests [Melanie] Morgan. "Either President Carter was totally duped, and allowed himself to be conned into working as an indirect agent of Saddam Hussein, or President Carter knowingly associated himself with a foreign agent who was seeking to undermine American foreign policy."...

Carter always tries to undermine our foreign policy—if it threatens the dictators that he always finds sympathetic and appealing.

He is the biggest phony ever to be President. As David Frum said, "the first anti-American president." And an enemy of ours in the War on Terror. He is on the other side.

I'm sending a little donation to Move America Forward. Thank you Melanie (a local gal, we listen to her on the KSFO Morning Show).

Sigh. Bush is too smart, and too much the gent to do it, but the thought of Alberto Gonzalez dragging the peanut into the witness box and having his toughest prosecutors grill him for days...then passing him on to a House Committee for some serious clock-cleaning... Stop! Stop day-dreaming, John! There's a war to be won, and pleasures must be deferred...

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