January 18, 2005

#174: We Need More Dan Rathers


Have you ever thought there might be a connection between the war in Iraq and the reform of Social Security? Well, neither did we. But that’s because our minds are just not as facile as Paul Krugman’s. In That Magic Moment (11/18/05) he zeros in the common denominator–the Bush administration’s deceitfulness. Just as they hyped the need for war, they are now hyping the extent of the crisis in Social Security. These are such predictable Krugman positions that one might wonder why he bothered to repeat them all again.

But to wonder that is to not understand Krugman. What’s really going on here, as we have pointed out on many similar occasions, is pretty simple. It’s another column on the cheap. If Krugman can find two subjects on which he has written before and can link them in some “original” manner, he can then write on them all over again and use the link–in this case, Bush’s deceit–as cover for his “self-plagiarism.” The mystery is why the NY Times puts up with such laziness.

There is one howler: Krugman attributes the re-election of Bush to confusion among the electorate due to Bush misrepresentations about Iraq. Likewise, he sees the political viability of Social Security reform as due mainly to more Bush misrepresentations and blames the media for not doing its job in uncovering them. Apparently, if we just had a half dozen more Dan Rathers all would be well.

[The Truth Squad is a group of economists who have long marveled at the writings of Paul Krugman. The Squad Reports are synopses of their discussions. ] Posted by John Weidner at January 18, 2005 1:55 PM
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