January 13, 2005

We need more Presidents with MBA's

Cool cool cool cool cool...way too cool..........

PRESIDENT BUSH HAS PROPOSED WHAT appears at first glance to be a relatively modest agenda of health care reforms. But if passed by Congress in its entirety, the administration's plan would fundamentally restructure the health care system. It would turn upside down--actually, rightside up--almost all of the current perverse economic incentives that plague the U.S. health care system.

And that's why the president will get nothing but hand-wringing, nay-saying, and eye-rolling from the liberals and elitists.

Make no mistake: The battle over health care reform is a battle of competing visions about markets, individual responsibility, and accountability. Can people make good, value-conscious decisions in the health care marketplace? Or must we all rely on someone--a bureaucrat, politician, academic, or clerk--to make health care decisions for us?

Will President Bush's ownership society extend to patients and the health care system, or will the nannies seek to undermine the president's plan and resume their drive toward government-run health care?

To understand the problems inherent in the U.S. health care system, you must first understand that it is fraught with perverse incentives. Fix the incentives and you will largely fix the system....

Wow. MORE stuff for the second term. And Bush hasn't even been inaugurated yet. This stuff takes my breath away. We were promised reform of the tax code and SS.. And now there are these other "Oh by the way" things, such as this, plus extending NCLB.

Makes me wonder if he's trying to do too much. But I trust the President's political skills. I can imagine the collectivists burning up all their fury and political capital stopping Social Security reform, while these other things sneak under the radar.

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Posted by John Weidner at January 13, 2005 11:26 AM
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