January 11, 2005

Old women in black...

Fayrouz writes:

I'm tired of browsing the Western media, which LOVE to show the ugliest Iraqi women on their newspapers and TV stations. I sometimes wonder if their photographers look specifically for Iraqi women covered in black...

She's posted a picture of some pretty college girls as another view...

What fascinates me is how the news media absorb a certain way of telling one type of story, and then repeat it over and over. I'm sure political bias is part of it; if Al Gore had invaded Iraq we would have found the women to be much prettier.

But the editors and photographers don't so much look for pictures of women in black, rather those pictures seem right to them, because they fit the story-line. An old granny in black next to a pile of rubble IS Iraq. Pictures of smiling attractive Iraqis are probably just invisible to them; they are rejected without a thought. And if you asked the editor why he didn't use pictures of happy Iraqis he would probably tell you that he'd never seen any.

(thanks to Dean's World)

Posted by John Weidner at January 11, 2005 12:54 PM
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