January 10, 2005

Experimental control

I see that the report on Rathergate says that there is no evidence that there was any political agenda at work.

Well, we can hardly expect them to go beyond the evidence, can we? And good scientific evidence is hard to provide, there's no "control" in this experiment, no alternative version we can compare with. We just don't know whether CBS would have done things differently is it had been a Democrat candidate in the crosshairs...

Isn't it a pity no one accused John Kerry of having irregularities in his military service....

* Update: The big bloggers are all over this, so I won't try to say anything profound. One thing I found interesting was the Monves memo to CBS employees. [posted at the Anchoress, via PoliPundit.] Boy, was John Ellis ever right, when he predicted that Mary Mapes would be to blame for all. Phooey. I'm sure top management knew perfectly well that Mapes was pursuing Bush with the greed and fury of a wild pig. They were happy to let it happen, and so have betrayed the OWNERS of CBS (Yeah, you forgot about them guys, right? You may be an owner. Your mutual funds or pension plan may include a morsel of Viacom. In which case Mr Monves and Mr Rather work for you. So how do you feel about them diminishing the value of your assets to pursue a hobby-vendetta?)

Posted by John Weidner at January 10, 2005 2:40 PM
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