January 8, 2005

The real torturers they don't care about...

PowerLine effectively demolishes the story that Alberto Gonzales is some sort of "torture advocate." You should just read it. Gonzales and the Administration are being smeared, and I'm sure your grandchildren will be hearing as a "fact" that the Bush Administration advocated torture.

Once again Democrats have decided that telling lies that hurt Americans and help terrorists is to their political advantage. And I predict that, after the next election, when Dems once again try to figure out where they went wrong, and once again try to come up with a formula that will convince the morons voters that they are trustworthy on national defense, they will once again not consider as a possible solution being for America and against the terrorists and Ba'athists (who really do torture people, with no worry that their Democrat/Media allies will turn against them, or even take notice).

And the venom against Gonzales is largely the same that any minority conservatives get. Dems don't want them slipping off the reservation. But funny thing, every election Republicans get a little more of the Hispanic vote. Maybe somebody's noticing that Bush keeps trying to appoint people with names like Estrada and Gonzales to high office, and Dems keep "discovering" that those candidates are monsters.

Posted by John Weidner at January 8, 2005 7:07 AM
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