January 8, 2005

Nice story...

Thirteen years ago the USS Abraham Lincoln provided disaster relief after the eruption of Mt Pinatubo in the Phillipines. It also evacuated US citizens, including 6-year old Joviena Kay. Her father was in the US Navy, and her mother ran a bar in Olongapo City.

Now Joviena is a sailor on that same ship, helping with the rescue efforts in Sumatra

...Like almost everyone on board, Joviena volunteered to help in the relief operation ashore, loading food and water onto helicopters and carrying the injured being evacuated from ruined villages. But she and the other kitchen workers have been banned from entering a potentially disease-ridden area for fear of food contamination.

Joviena, who hopes to finish her college degree in the United States, says she works up to 14 hours a day, and in some ways doesn't live as well as she did as a little evacuee, when she ate in the officers' mess and slept in their quarters. She has a narrow bunk in a crowded room shared with 12 other sailors, and the daily call for "Happy Hour" means it's time to scrub the decks and sweep the floors...
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