January 1, 2005

They need a weblog...

I recently sent phone cards to Walter Reed Army Hospital, in response to an e-mail that was being circulated around the web. I worried at the time that this was the sort of thing that could get out of hand, because there's no way of controlling how far the e-mail circulates. The problem has indeed materialized...

...At Walter Reed , Lee described a 40-by-60-foot storage room nearly filled to its 12-foot ceiling with gifts from across the country. Another office is filled with letters, many of them with phone cards.

Lee said space became scarce about two weeks ago as scores of phone cards arrived, many in response to a widespread e-mail soliciting them.

The naval center, which began running out of space around Thanksgiving, has "bins upon bins upon bins of phone cards," said Jensen-Withey.Awash in a surplus of free phone minutes, both facilities are urging people to stop sending the cards.

Walter Reed is steering future donors to organizations such as the Walter Reed Society, the Fisher House Foundation and the American Red Cross.

Jensen-Withey said monetary donations are better off going to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, Soldiers' Angels, the Armed Forces Foundation and the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society..

They are lucky it didn't get mentioned on Drudge, they would have to buy a new building just to hold the stuff. What these people need is a web site. In fact, they need a blog. I got a paper thank-you letter, but it should have included a request to check with their web site in the future, to see what was currently needed.

Just thinking about this makes me realize what a powerful tool blogs are. Blogs can change from hour to hour, and, with comments, they are a two-way medium. You don't just tell people things, you can also learn from them. And a blog is usually part of the Blogosphere, so its reach can be prodigious.

Posted by John Weidner at January 1, 2005 2:51 PM
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