December 31, 2004

Big Cowboy Is Watching

Our friend Frank notes that Dan Rather appears three times on the NY Post's article on the Media Research Center's annual list of "notable quotables." A record. An appalling record.

Check out the whole list. Looniness unparalleled. Perhaps my fav is the:

"John Dean, who was at the center of the greatest political scandal in this nation's history, has produced a book with perspective, and that perspective is simply terrifying. The bottom line: George Bush has done more damage to this nation than his old boss, Richard Nixon, ever dreamt of. . . . This could have been the historical, essentially, prequel to George Orwell's novel 1984, that if you wanted to see what the very first step out of maybe 50 steps towards this totalitarian state that Orwell wrote about in his novel, this [President Bush's policies] would be the kind of thing that you would see." — MSNBC's Keith Olbermann on Countdown

Just one step? The first step out of FIFTY? Way to go way out on a limb with a big ol' shocking announcement, Ken. Lemme tell ya, us totalitarians are way ahead of that.

The first step was lowering taxes. That always powers-up the engines of oppression. We're also working towards letting people control their own health expenditures, and then their own Social security accounts. Ha ha, you can almost feel the shackles clicking on. Letting faith-based groups do some of our social-welfare work is a clear totalitarian move.

And holding public schools to high standards is clearly Hitlerian. But it gets better—we're scheming to let parents choose which schools their children attend—the indoctrination possibilities are obvious. Of course overthrowing totalitarian dictators like Saddam and the Taliban is an obvious feint, to distract attention from our own plots. To that we've added, with truly diabolical cunning, sponsoring elections and democracy and economic freedom. Sending our Fleets of Oppression to help tsunami victims is another way to cover up the arrests of Democrats and their shipment to concentration camps. (We haven't actually got around to it yet, but soon...soon.)

Orwell is our bible, of course. Soon the giant posters of Bush will be pasted up everywhere. How does "Big Cowboy Is Watching" sound as a slogan?

Posted by John Weidner at December 31, 2004 1:25 PM
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