December 12, 2004

"We are very, very grateful..." --President Karzai

Stephen Hayes has a great article on the inauguration of Hamid Karzai...

Karzai told the story of an elderly woman from the Farah province who came to a polling station with two voter's cards:
She went up to an election worker and declared that she wanted to vote twice, once for herself, and again for her daughter who, she said, was about to deliver her child and unable to come to the polling station to vote. "We are sorry, but no one can vote for another person, this is the rule," the elderly lady was told. So she voted--for herself--and left the station. Later in the day, the election worker was shocked to see the elderly woman back, this time accompanying her young daughter to the polling station. Her daughter carried her newborn baby, as well as her voting card which she used to cast her vote.

These are astonishing times we live in. I remember reading James Michener's Caravans when I was young and impressionable. Good book, and the impression it left with me, of an extraordinarily wild and primitive land, makes the recent elections seem like a fairy tale.

Of course the Media Wing of the Democrat Party doesn't want you to know this:

..Sadly, most Americans never heard these words. Gratitude, it seems, is not terribly newsworthy. Neither is democracy. The Washington Post played Karzai's inauguration on page A-13, a placement that suggested it was relatively less important than Eliot Spitzer's decision to run for governor of New York or the decision of the U.S. government to import flu vaccine from Germany...
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