December 5, 2004

Rush of events...

I liked this, by Tim Graham, at The Corner:

Just after the election, former ABC anchorwoman Carole Simpson had a public fit in a Newseum panel discussion about how high school kids were getting their news from Rush Limbaugh instead of ABC, which would explain why they were stupid...and, it goes without saying, favored Bush. Same thing.

No one, including Rush Limbaugh, says talk radio is your place for perfectly balanced, objective news. But of course, neither is ABC. Consider the example of the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh. It's highly possible that millions of Americans discovered this news for the first time through Limbaugh, who was on the story the same day, November 2, or Election Day.

Guess when ABC got around to reporting this important story from Europe about the uneasy fit between Europeans and the high tide of Muslim immigrants? The answer: they haven't. Neither has NBC. Of the Big Three, CBS arrived first with a brief anchor-read story, and then followed up with two longer stories from the Netherlands on Nov. 10 and 20. You also wouldn't find the story in Newsweek or U.S. News & World Report. (Time had a brief 280-word report.)

So how can Carole Simpson get on her high horse and suggest Limbaugh listeners are uninformed, while someone relying on ABC for their news is fully informed?

Leftizoids love to hold Rush Limbaugh up as a ranting right-wing hate-speaker, (while not, of course, tainting themselves by actually listening to him). Actually, the thing Rush resembles most is a blogger. He reads from articles and news stories , or plays audio clips, and then comments on them. And, like blogs, he's not a news source, but you are going to learn a lot of news from him...

What's interesting is that I don't think I've ever encountered an intellectually-honest critique of Rush. People will circulate a single sentence, and gleefully claim to have exposed him as a monster (though who among us could talk extempore for three hours a day about the world's problems, without occasionally saying something hateful?)...but they won't ever actually engage with what he is really saying, the cowardly dogs.

ABC, of course, is tacitly allied with the terrorists, in hopes of electing appeasers in the US. The don't cover the van Gogh story for the same reason they don't replay clips of the 9/11. They want Americans ASLEEP.

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