December 1, 2004

but what do you believe...what's your vision?

Also from the Corner, Rich Lowry writes:

John Podhoretz nails it today in the New York Post, where he argues that the left doesn't believe in anything overseas anymore besides despair. Paul Johnson made a related point in a piece for us a while ago--that the left's new faith, now that socialism has died, is pessimism. I'm struck by this when I'm on college campuses. I want to say to these kids (and professors), “OK, you think Bush's foreign policy is a disaster, but what do you believe, what's the alternative, what's your vision?” There is none. These people believe in nothing. They aren't even soft-headed idealists anymore because Bush's idealistic rhetoric has prompted them to reject idealism. All they have is a smug faith in American failure, that whatever we do--literally whatever we do: whether it's militaristic or altruistic or something in between--is wrong and doomed to fail
Boy that sure hits the nail on the head. Try to find a Kerry supporter with an exciting vision of making the world a better place.

The Rive Gauche still has a thin pretense of vision in domestic policy. They will tell you that whatever government health plan they are touting is going to make the country a better place...But they have nothing optimistic to say in the realm of foreign policy. No hopes, no dreams, no crazy schemes. Just pessimism and sneers.

And what makes this really loony is that right now there is more cause for optimism than ever before in history. Democracy is growing at a rate of 1.5 countries per year. The world is growing wealthier, and the percentage of poor people is shrinking. Hopeful, developments, such as those happening now in the Ukraine, are becoming almost commonplace.

When I was younger, poor and backwards places—most of the world, that is—were simply expected to produce bad news. India meant famines. Latin America meant coups and dictators, with a few rich people on top, and masses of impoverished peasants in misery. The whole Soviet Block was a black hole of ugly grinding tyranny. No one dreamed of visiting Prague, or Warsaw. China was crazy revolutionary upheavals, which killed millions. Spain, Portugal, The Philippines, Taiwan, S. Korea—all were dictatorships.

Hey. You out there...the Kerry crowd. What the hell's the MATTER with you??? You are living in an age of thrilling possibilities, and you have nothing to say or contribute. Are you brain dead? You say you are "Democrats." This moment is the greatest flowering of democracy in the history of our planet. This is the time! If you can't SEE it, you have real, serious mental problems....

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