November 30, 2004

Bitter? Who, me?

I recently got an e-mail from an old pal, one that gives me an excuse to rattle on interminably and bore you with favorite topics:
Browsing through your Random Jottings, I was quite moved at the quotation by John Kennedy that went undelivered... Not quite clever enough to figure out how to add a comment within your "Random Jottings" blogsite, however. Thank you for remembering that not all Dems come with horns and a pointy tail...

The Democrats you and I grew up with were often splendid patriotic Americans. JFK was a staunch anti-Communist, willing to fight to protect our country and others from tyranny. He cut taxes massively, triggering an economic boom. (Remember the Go-Go Years?) He was unabashedly patriotic and idealistic. He was a Hawk. Guess what...JFK wouldn't find any home in today's Democrat Party. That world is GONE, gone utterly. There are no more Trumans, no more Scoop Jacksons. Wake up to it.

...You lament the lack of a stiff opposition and a good debate. I believe you've got enough bile stored up to nuke my poor little computer into smouldering plastic, so I daren't stick my head into the Dragon's lair; but I do wonder from time to time how you became such a HAWK...

Hawks are the people who want to prevent war! If the Islamic terrorists had been stomped on hard a decade or two ago, tens-of-thousands of lives would have been saved, and we would not be in a war now. That´s what Hawks do. You "doves" (if that's what you are) are the ones who are causing wars. You want to let things slide so that we will have far worse battles in the future. You are the warmongers.

...Of course, we grew up in Dick Nixon's backyard in All-the-Way-Right Orange County; birthplace of touchy-feely organizations like the John Birch Society. So, naturally, we're inclined to go goose-stepping about and bitching about the trains running on time and whatnot, but Good Lord, man, with exposure to the world-at-large and possibly a little counseling, one can learn to overcome embarrassing twitches forcing the right arm erect and vocalizations sounding suspiciously like "Seig Heil!"

That's funny! Now that vee haf a zecond term, vee vill make der rabble OBEY!

[A small note enjoining historical accuracy. You've probably been educated to see politics as a spectrum, with socialists on one end, and fascists on the other. Wrong. The well-known fascist groups, such as the Nazis, were not right-wingers or conservatives. They were just another flavor of
Socialists, tarted-up with some oddments of nationalist and conservative rhetoric.]

Also, those Orange County right-wingers were not quite so wacky as portrayed by leftish historians. The extremists filled the headlines, while ordinary decent folks went unnoticed. But even the extreme ones may not have been so misguided as they are shown. Young Congressman Nixon looks rather better now that we've learned from the Soviet archives that Alger Hiss really was a secret agent for Stalin. And McCarthy was a scoundrel, but we now know that there really were a bunch of Communists in the State Department...

Here's a couple observations in your blogspot that I suspected might be half-a-bubble out of plumb- so long as you don't get sore at me! These are from previous postings: Shortly before the (tragic, in my opinion) election, you were criticizing John Kerry for expressing opinions on the War in Iraq, and suggesting the remarks might be treason. Treason?! As in None Dare Call it Treason, that hateful rant I slurped up in my misguided youth? It seems to me that one of the principal principles of our whole American ideal is that differences of opinion are allowed! It's the very cornerstone of our freedom- that opinions vary and are tolerated. In fact, that's what the whole idea of a democracy is about- the will of the majority of the people. For that reason, unhappy as I may be, I must respect the will of the American people in electing George Bush. (Note I say electing, not re-electing; but let's set that aside). It seems to me that suggesting Kerry's opinions as treason is too much, really unfair. It's all water under the bridge now, but what was the guy supposed to do? Say "no comment"? Say "Georgie's doin' a fine, wunnaful job over there?" He HAD to express an opinion, didn't he?

I don't remember using "treason." (But I might have, I'm very angry with the Dems) But what, exactly, am I angry about? Of course I agree that differences of opinion are allowed. However, things are a little bit different in wartime. Once our people are getting shot at, it´s the duty of both parties to be on OUR side. Constructive criticism—yes. OF COURSE! But what Kerry was doing was something else. The terrorists have no hope of defeating us militarily. Their only hope is to persuade us to lose courage, and withdraw from the fight. And Kerry´s whole campaign was one big hint that if elected he would cut and run. And that was a clear message to terrorists: "Kill lots of Americans, and help elect me."

And remember, Kerry VOTED for the Iraq Campaign. He voted to send our forces into harm's way, then undercut them, and told the world that what they are doing is wrong. Treason...well, no. DESPICABLE? yes! Am I bitter? Remember this: ALL our big wars of the 20th Century were
Democrat wars. And Republicans always supported our military whole-heartedly, even when they had been opposed to going to war before the fighting started. Damn right I'm feeling bitter.

Another thing that caused me a little indigestion was your apologizing for the conduct of those responsible for the mistreatment of the Iraqui POW's...

I did NOT apologize for those who abused the detainees. (They are not POW's; that is a status reserved for those who follow the rules of war.) But I am furious at the Dems/newsmedia/America-haters, who have given you a carefully edited propaganda campaign, so that Abu Ghraib is the one big thing on your mind.

You mention Saddam had no cameras. OH YES HE DID!!! There are thousands of videotapes available of REAL tortures (not "being humiliated by American trailer-trash"). Stuff like people being eaten alive by dogs. Children tortured in front of their parents. Wives raped in front of their husbands. But your lefty news media don't show you that, because it doesn't help their politics. Because you might be tempted to think America is doing something noble and good.

What ELSE is edited out? Well, for every crime we commit, there are also thousands of deeds of generosity and compassion (see
here, here, here). And heroism (see here, here, here, here). Us bloggers pass the stories around, like samizdat in the old Soviet Union. But anyone dependent on ABC, CBS, the NYT, the LAT—they almost never hear those things. It's ALSO not usually reported that most Iraqis are grateful for what we are doing, and are excited about the possibility of elections...(see here, here, here, here, here, here Or just click on Iraq in my subject list)

Instead Abu Ghraib was trumpeted in tens of thousands of news stories, and all the world was bombarded. Remember the time you were traveling, and people in distant typhoon-lashed places were all agog at LA's floods? Abu Ghraib is the same kind of
distortion amplified a thousand-fold. You are being USED. Duped. Fed a diet of lies solely to advance the Democrat Party. If it were just were lies about, say Social Security reform, that´s not such a big deal. But to distort and besmirch what our troops are doing—that's loathsome. VILE.

To me, that was the icing on the cake called WMD's and where the hell are they? If we already looked like Horse's Asses for starting a war over a Non-Issue in the opinion of the world, that was the black eye that sent us reeling into the ropes. And despite what too many Americans (probably including yourself) think, WORLD OPINION MATTERS.

Hmm, well let's see. Did your TV news give you much detail about the parts of a Uranium enrichment plant just found in South Africa? Hmmm? All packed up in shipping containers, ready to go? I bet not. They don't want you to start thinking bad thoughts.

In fact, we had a LOT of reasons for the Iraq campaign. (It's NOT a war, it is one campaign of the War on Terror) Here's my list of ten. But you know what? World opinion this Administration. So we worked hard to get UN approval, And the only way to do that was to justify the invasion as being about WMD's. Because the UN, and the French and Germans, (and your precious present-day Dems) care nothing for stopping genocide and torture, nor for freedom and democracy, nor for bringing new hope to a region sunk in despotism, nor for fighting vigorously for right in order to prevent far worse wars in the future.

And lack of WMD's was only a "black eye" because it is now
framed that way by people who hate America. Actually, the Europeans, the UN, and your precious Dems (read this) ALL agreed that Saddam's WMD's were a grave danger. It was not a "non-issue" then. Now they stand aside and pretend it was just Bush's idea. Bullshit. In fact, we now know, from the Duelfer Report, that even Saddam's top aides and generals thought he had WMD's ready to use!!

In war, intelligence is ALWAYS imperfect. The Rangers scaled the cliff at
Pont du Hoc, and discovered that the German guns had recently been moved. They were still heroes! The decision to attack there was still correct. Bush and Blair and Howard are great men, heroes, because they are willing to ACT to fix problems. They are willing to make tough decisions. They are willing to FIGHT. Your cutesy little Democrats want to ignore problems, and hope they go away. You are welcome to that crew—I despise them.

The problem is that- rightly or wrongly- I always thought of America and Americans as the Good Guys- the folks who came along in WW1, WW2, and Korea- who fought hard, set things right, and hit the trail. We didn't need to be told the Geneva Convention. To my knowledge- and I'll admit I could be wrong here- we never tortured or humiliated Japanese or German POW's in WW2, despite the atrocities they inflicted on our men. I don't think many Japanese POW's were "killed while trying to escape", and the German POW's were happy campers! So it seems so sad and unnecessary and frankly, sickening- to see the photos that came out of that prison. Is this how we look to the rest of the world? Did we really succeed in making Saddam Hussein look good by comparison? (At least he had the sense to not allow cameras, fer Chrissakes!!!)

We WERE and ARE the good guys. But we also did bad things. (Not incompatible) I'm a bookworm, and have wandered through scores of memoirs from those wars. We often shot people who were trying to surrender—sometimes in reprisal, sometimes not. But you never see that stuff in the general history books. (Because most historians are Democrats. If a Republican had been President, "history" would read very differently.) Japanese skulls were popular souvenirs. There were almost no Jap POW's—they didn't surrender. But we routinely shot any Japanese bodies, just to make sure they were dead. And a huge mass of Germans who surrendered right at the end were kept in squalor and actual-starvation because we had made inadequate provision for their numbers.

And we DID set things right. But it took some high-handedness, even brutality. Pushing people around. The sanitized history books make it all seem
gemütlich, but it wasn't. And it took a lot of time, and expense, and awkward learning-by-making-mistakes. Much like what's happening right now in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"Is this how we look to the rest of the world?" Only because of a vast edifice of lies and distortions. Did you know that hundreds of Abu Ghraib prisoners have been killed and wounded? Of course you don't, because Americans aren't doing it. (see here) So it's not news. You don't hear about it.

You've been gulled. Hoodwinked. A bunch of 60's "activist" flakes have taken over the Democrat Party/news-media, and, like children playing dress-up, donned the mantles of FDR and Truman and Jimmy Byrnes and JFK. And now sneer at anyone who acts with the decisiveness of those great Dems.
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